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Kids party food

So the time has come to organise your child’s party food, if you staring at your fridge with a blank expression or the Woolworths shopping isle the same, I hope my helpful hints can fix your problem.


Tip 1) Don’t over do it – parents make the big mistake of having to much food, the best idea is to have little bits of lots of everything.

Tip 2)Cucumber and Chicken sandwiches are the best NOT VEGEMITE. I couldn’t believe it the day I cut up a cucumber and added it to bread and at the end of the party not one sandwich was left. Now cucumber sandwiches are added to every party menu and chicken are added for kids party’s I do over the party size of 15.

Tip 3) 1/4 fruit and 3/4 lolly’s

Tip 4) display fruit in a fun way and watch it walk out the door. I do 2 marshmallows with 1/2 a strawberry on top of a skewer (always eaten) then I do strawberry the Oreo cookie then another strawberry on a skewer. not only do the kids love it but also the look awesome. Pineapple skewers are also a hit. Also a beautiful bowl of strawberries always looks beautiful and tastes good to boot.

Tip 5) 1 box of cheezels per 10 kids is the rule no more is needed.

Tip 6) Fairy Bread – this is still a hit -for under 10 kids 1/2 loaf fairy bread the other cucumber sandwiches. over 10 children 1 loaf for fairy bread another for sandwiches – 1/2 cucumber and 1/2  chicken.

I hope these tips help you out…

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